Taste is a food festival event held twice a year across the globe. My role as lead designer for this event was to ensure every region was provided with a set of templates to start their local marketing campaigns and to produce a set of digital brand guidelines. The creative strategy was very open in each city, and depended upon their local regional budgets. A structure was needed to keep the brand constant globally, but to also enable free creative expression to local marketing campaigns. My role also involved creating all creative output for the two London events, Taste London and Taste Festive. Most campaign materials were created for social platforms. Deliverables included creating / edited videos, sourcing music, designing animations, image editing / treatments, cinema graphs and animated gifs.
The campaign required digital templates and guidelines to be sent to worldwide Taste Festivals, to keep the brand consistent across different regions. I designed a digital template guide and set of templates to send out to local markets to assist them in producing their own campaigns. The guidelines went to over 18 different cities including New York, Paris and Hong Kong.
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