Wilkinson Sword for Women wanted to launch a campaign to highlight their skincare range. My involvement in the Spontaneous Me Campaign, was to create concepts and look if the design of an app and social media campaign. My role in this campaign came after the idea was decided upon. I designed some look and feel concepts based on the targeted female audience for Wilkinson Sword. The Spontaneous Me campaign was very successful with a very high level of participation on social media channels.
Wilkinson Sword Hydro Campaign for Men involved creating a game concept for an MSN takeover ad placement. I designed the game. The game was built in flash, I did not create the development side, just the design and concept. A number of ad placements were also created, an interactive billboard design is featured below. This billboard was placed on the Empire magazine website. The game had a lot of engagement and proved to be a successful driver in getting users to click through to the Hydro landing page.
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